Firm Profile


Cathie Blanchfield and Nigel Nicholls, who were both previously Partners of Stuart Fowler & Partners, established Blanchfield Nicholls Partners in 2007.

Blanchfield Nicholls Partners undertakes work in all aspects of family law and domestic relationships law, including divorce, property settlement, spousal maintenance, parenting issues, child support, simple wills, binding financial agreements under the Family Law Act for couples planning to marry, those who are married, and since 1 March 2009, those who are in de-facto or same sex relationships. We also undertake work relating to de-facto and same sex relationships that ended before 1 March 2009 under the Property (Relationships) Act as well as issues arising as a result of domestic violence.

While the majority of the firm’s work involves disputes between separated couples, our lawyers also have experience in assisting clients avoid separation as well as better prepare themselves and their families in the event separation does occur.  In a sense, these are preventative measures.

If necessary, we refer clients to appropriate services outside the legal profession, such as mediators, counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists and accountants. 

Some clients need a Judge to decide their matter, but they are the minority. Wherever possible, we pursue alternative dispute resolution procedures including negotiation, mediation and collaborative family law, a client centred but lawyer assisted approach to resolving family law issues that reduces the likelihood of going to court.